Not Wasting the Pain

I’ve debated for months (probably longer) on finally starting my own blog. Going back and forth between “I don’t have time for this” to “Who would even read it?”. But here we are! I wanted my first post to be about why I chose to finally begin my blogging journey.

First off, I find a lot of healing and clarity once I put my feelings into words on a page. It’s therapeutic for me!

Second, my Dad always taught me that in life God does not waste the pain we experience. And I totally agree.

So this blog will be about real life experiences that bring pain and joy. My hope to help someone in the midst of my ramblings and for you to know that you aren’t alone! I’m looking forward to sharing and being obedient to start up Hope Endured.

I hope that you are encouraged and maybe even challenged with what God has put on my heart and mind to share! Thank you for tuning in and I hope you continue to be blessed!

Lindsay <3

Lindsay Rzetelnywhy