For those who don’t know, I live in the Mitten aka Michigan and we have all four seasons. Some are longer than others, but I am glad we have each one of them. My least favorite is winter, of course. My most favorite is Spring. There is just something in the air that makes my soul feel a little more alive and excited for what’s to come!

Just today I was talking with a dear friend about a particularly tough season of life. Life can be really hard, and things can seem to always go wrong. I’ve certainly been there many times. Seasons of depression, loss, sadness, and struggle. My inclination is to fix it if I can, or be down because of what’s going on. It can feel really hopeless at times and like you have been forgotten. No one wants to go through hard stuff, because well…. it’s hard.

BUT, I know that the Lord uses those times to refine us. Oh, how we need those tough seasons. It is in them that we find out we can’t do it, and maybe we don’t have it all together. Those seasons truly show us our need for a Savior. One who is able, one who is our peace and stability. So if you are in a place where is it hard, know that the Lord is there. He is using it to refine and shape you for His glory. We need Him and He is able to walk us through those dark valleys.

I encourage you to read all of James chapter 1.

And don’t forget that there’s always an end to each season. May you rest in His strength and goodness today.

Lindsay <3

Lindsay Rzetelny