Comparison is a Thief

Ok….I went down that rabbit hole. You know the one where you are pages deep in Instagram on someone’s page you don’t even know. Not only do I not know them but I’m sitting there comparing my life to theirs. Wow. They have THAT. Oh my goodness, look at their kitchen, closet, perfect little life. And on it goes. It’s amazing how easy it is to look at what others have and then be discontent with what we’ve been given.

Guilty. Probably more than I even want to admit. I’m so quick to excuse it as my hopes, but it’s just ugly dissatisfaction. Meanwhile I’m missing out on the blessings I do have! So.many.blessings. None of which are owed to me. But if I just had that perfect home like so and so, I’d be so happy. Why do I always believe that lie that things can make me happy? They can’t. I can justify why I need those things like none other. I’m an expert, really.

Whoever said Comparison is the thief of joy is right. It’s taken my joy over and over. What’s even worse is that I let it steal my joy by focusing on others blessings instead of my own.

I forget that social media is usually everyone’s highlights. Not their struggles, worries, or hard stuff they may be going through.

My goal this year is to look around me, put my phone down and be joyful in what I do have. There is SO much to be thankful for.

Lindsay <3